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European Network of Medical Competent Authorities

European Network of Medical Competent Authorities

Réseau Européen des Autorités Compétentes Médicales

Europäisches Netzwerk der für die Berufsanerkennung von Ärztinnen/Ärzten zuständigen Behörden


15th ENMCA Meeting
21 January, 2016

15th April 2016 – 15th EMNCA meeting will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom

ENMCA letter on standardisation 31 July 2015
31 July, 2015

ENMCA has reservations about the adoption of standards for healthcare services

14th ENMCA Meeting
7 July, 2015

23rd November 2015 – 14th ENMCA meeting will be hosted by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment in Brussels, Belgium.

13th ENMCA Meeting
16 February, 2015

20th April 2015 – 13th ENMCA meeting will be hosted by the Ordem dos Medicos in Lisbon.

12th ENMCA Meeting
5 May, 2014

24th November 2014 – 12th ENMCA meeting will be hosted by the Medical Council Malta in Malta.

European Commission consultation – European Professional Card
15 April, 2014

7th April 2014 – The European Commission published a consultation on introducing the European Professional Card (EPC) for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, engineers, mountain guides and real estate agents.

IAMRA 11th International Conference on Medical Regulation
25 March, 2014

From 9 to 12 September 2014 the GMC is hosting the 11th International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) in London. The theme of the conference is 'Medical Regulation - Evaluating risk and reducing harm to patients’.

11th ENMCA Meeting
5 February, 2014

7th April 2014 – 11th ENMCA meeting will be hosted by the Royal Dutch Medical Association (RDMA) in Utrecht.

10th ENMCA Meeting
26 August, 2013

2th December 2013 – The 10th ENMCA Meeting will be hosted by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority in Copenhagen.

9th ENMCA Meeting
6 December, 2012

11th March 2013 – The 9th ENMCA meeting will be hosted by the Irish Medical Council in Dublin